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Cruising Down Sunset– The Fourth Coming

Can You Get To That- Funkadelic

Express Yourself– Leroy Sibbles

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She Can Fly

Jose Chavarry

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little red barn v2.0.

Above: little red barn v2.0 by Howard F.

The Ghost Of Ella

Jose Chavarry

Then We Are Together- Johan Sodervquist

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The Same Thing It Took– The Inspirational Gospel Singers

Heaven Sweet Heaven– The Religious Souls

Goodbye World– The Relatives

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Above:  Aquagym by Odilia Liuzzi

Santa Clarissa

Above: Santa Clarissa by Dario Marani

el 3

Philip Glass – Trilogy Sonata – 1. Knee Play No.4 from Einstein on the Beach

Paul Barnes performs Philip Glass s Satyagraha in Los Angeles

Philip Glass- Einstein On The Beach

Jose Chavarry

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Jules et Jim” by Francois Truffaut

Available to watch instantly on Netflix

Providing a quick fix for those in desperate need of good cinema.