I picked up Jackie today on her last day of school and was surprised to hear that she had got married to her classmate RJ (a fellow 3 year old with a mohawk). I was even more surprised to find that her teacher had transcribed the whole event:

On the 4th day of June, Ross James Temple walked up to Jackie and proposed, with flowers in one hand and a white dress in the other. Jackie said yes and announced to Miss Amanda (her teacher) that she would be getting married and would need a ring. A pink ring was provided for the occasion. Together they planned their wedding.

RJ: We need a boat to take to our wedding.
(RJ’s and Jackie’s classmates provided a boat made of foam puzzlers)

Jackie: We need cake and some chairs.
(together they made a pink sparkle play dough cake while their classmates arranged the chairs)

Jackie: Miss Amanda we are ready to get married.

Miss Amanda: RJ, do you take Jackie to be your wife?

RJ: No. Yes. Yes!

Miss Amanda: Jackie, do you take RJ to be your husband?

Jackie: Yes.

Miss Amanda: I now pronounce you husband and wife of the Yellow Room.

RJ: We need to kiss like Sally Monsters Inc. Jackie can I kiss you?

Jackie: Yes.
(RJ got bashful. They Hugged)

Although the wedding was pretend, I couldn’t help but think of the day that she may actually get married. keep thinking about a quote from the play “Eurydice” by Sara Ruhl, “A wedding is for a father and daughter. They stop being married to each other that day.”

I don’t want my little girl to grow up, but I know, and she keeps me reminding me, that she has to. I can’t see her ending up with an RJ. Someone with a mohawk…? Maybe? That’s the kind of girl she is.